Cringing is so unhealthy, and here's why.

I googled the word "cringe". I wanted to use one of the official dictionary definitions to use as my introduction here's what came out:

cringe /krɪn(d)ʒ/

  1. verb bend one's head and body in fear or apprehension or in a servile manner. "he cringed away from the blow"

I don't completely agree. I mean the definition is correct according to google, but in my mind, the 'cringe' movement is way deeper than that.

In my mind cringing is the attempt to cancel a thought as if it never happened. And to me, there is nothing more damaging than that exact action.

When you cringe at something that happened, that you've done, that you witnessed or that's been done to you. You are practicing the vibration of embarrassment, shame, rejection, non-acceptance, denial and other negative emotions all in one. All to top it off with the attempt to shake it off like it never happened. Well guess what? Whatever you're cringing about, sorry to say, but that happened. That happened so much that every time you cringe about it, it will happen again, in your mind. Don't practice the cringe, practice acceptance, moving forward, letting it go and telling yourself it's okay. Practice that so much that when you do think about a moment you wish you never happened, you'll accept that it happened so much that it won't come back, or at least if it does, it won't lower your vibration at all. In fact it might even heighten it, you'll laugh about it and know already how to do better and won't worry at all about it anymore because you know it won't happen again. And if it does happen again, you already got out of the cringing mode once, you can do it again.

Cancel the 'cringe' and practice the 'move along'.

The move along includes

  1. Deep breathes when you feel the cringe coming

  2. Questioning what's the big deal? (And finding the answer to realise that it really isn't that big of a deal at all)

  3. Forgiving yourself for letting it happen (It probably wasn't your fault anyway because it was meant to happen to teach you a lesson)

  4. Moving forward in comfort that it already in the past

  5. Letting go (Hardest, but definitely the most important)

Love always, all ways

Wissame Boubekeur

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