A human amongst others

According to my papers, my name is Wissame Boubekeur. 

According to biology I am a female. According to the calendar I am 26. 

According to the zodiac I'm an Aquarius.

I was birthed in Morocco by parents that were birthed in Morocco and France.

I have been defined by so many different people, 'facts', and things made up from the society we live in, and that will probably never stop.

To myself, I am me. I am wise, loving, caring, kind, smart, loyal, annoying, bubbly, spontaneous, hilarious, musical, funky, peaceful, soul-searching, curious, nervous, defensive, just, correct, brave, learning, appreciative, accepting, adaptable and a million other things I am not so sure of just yet.


This is a website made up of my personal opinions. Everything I like and the things that I sometimes dislike. My digital personal escape that is accessible to everybody. 

I hope these words were enough to rid yourself from judgement because truly, all I want to do is have a positive impact on the world I can influence.

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